Gateway worries: The crucial role of password security


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As primary points of access, passwords are one of the crucial vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. Cybercriminals go to great lengths to crack them and rely on a plethora of tricks to do so. Although a perfect solution to password security is next to impossible, people can still find ways to bolster their password’s security and give cybercriminals a hard time guessing them.

The first step toward bolstering password security is creating a password that’s difficult to guess on the onset. The very necessity of a password means that people will habitually default to key phrases familiar to them, a tendency that cybercriminals are more than willing to exploit, either through repetitive guesswork or, far frequently, through automated systems.

When creating passwords, people should avoid obvious phrases or even correctly-spelled random words. This would, sometimes, lead to passwords that are a jumbled mess of vaguely identifiable words and characters; while safe by a wide margin, such passwords are difficult to remember.

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For those having memorization trouble, the best recourse would be to create a password vault to keep copies of the passwords under lock and key. This is exceptionally useful for those with multiple accounts; it’s often better to have a different password for every account rather than a universal one.

No system is perfect, and passwords are no exception. Relying solely on password protection may not always be sufficient, especially for sensitive data. Adding two-factor authentication can help companies add an extra layer of protection for their data.

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