Petya, one of the most brutal cyber-attacks in history

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Ask any computer expert, IT professional, cybersecurity company head, or even law enforcement personnel, and they’d be quick to tell you that ransomware is one nasty piece of work. It is a feared type of malware that encrypts files and offers encryption keys, for a price. It can enter PCs through emails, browsers, and websites. There is no cure for ransomware once it infects its intended target. The only hope for those who are victimized is to just pay up.

The Petya attack is one of the most notable occurrences of ransomware in the history of cyberspace. It happened a month after the Wannacry ransomware attack and was also perpetrated by hackers who have still yet to be identified. The method they used in planting the malware was through a backdoor exploit that was created by the NSA. This connection is what led lawmakers to believe that the criminals behind these acts were if not one and the same, at the very least acquaintances.

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What made the Petya attack extremely difficult to deal with was that it was a highly-evolved ransomware strain that not only encrypted files but entire hard drives as well. Everything from websites to PCs was rendered useless by this.

The Petya attack stands out today as a primary example as to why people have to secure their websites and computers at all costs.

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