How to prevent drive-by download attacks

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Over the past years, the number of cyberattacks has continued to increase, and one of the primary causes is the increased occurrences of drive-by download attacks.

Numerous hackers prefer this tactic because it is relatively easy to accomplish and it provides them access to a huge amount of personal, and even confidential, data. To do this, they need to find a way to install a malware on the computer of the victim, and drive-by download is an effective method.

They trick computer users into inadvertently installing the malicious software through executable files sent via email or by visiting Internet web pages.

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There are various ways, though, to prevent drive-by download attacks. And the best way is to avoid clicking on shady, untrusted links and denying websites permission to run unknown software on the computer. For organizations, employees who are given access to their own computer should not have administrative privilege to limit the likelihood of installation of unwanted programs.

But because hackers are continuing to devise new means of performing drive-by download attacks, it is also recommended to install web filters, up-to-date antivirus and firewall software, web script and pop-up blockers, and other web security solutions.

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