More ways cyber criminals attack websites

Technology is a double-edged sword. It can be used to make everybody’s lives easier. It can also be a tool for chaos and destruction. The advancement of tech doesn’t only benefit tech experts developing new ways to secure websites, it also affords hackers and other cyber criminals different avenues of infiltration. Here are a few more ways websites can be attacked.

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SQL Injection

A structured query language, or SQL injection attack wreaks havoc on servers that contain important information for websites that use SQL. Malicious code is used to trick the server into giving up critical info the server tries to hide. If the server hides private customer info for the website, then and SQL attack is even deadlier.


XSS or Cross-Site Scripting is similar to the SQL injection attack as it enters malicious code into a website as well. The differences though are that XSS attacks users, not information, and that the code creates trouble, not in the website itself, but in the user’s browser.

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Credential Reuse

Credential reuse is one of the most common attacks used nowadays since most users today have multiple logins and passwords to remember. There is no specific program here since hackers have developed countless ways to amass usernames and passwords. Cyber criminals use these credentials for many purposes, most of them illegal and harmful.

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