Getting ahead of malware with a few password tips

The web attracts some of the most vicious online threats whose ultimate objective is to make people miserable. Sometimes, they can even make money out of this. This is why all sorts of malicious ware target personal information.

The ordinary person would feel at ease, because he is certain that his online account is password protected. But truly, the average password is not very hard to crack. There’s still a possibility that one’s password is more predictable than one thinks.

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The intelligence behind phishing scams knows this most of all. Negative elements on the web bank on the fact that a password is possibly a derivative of a person’s birthday or name. This is why most online accounts tend to discourage using a password that is close to these.

You can never truly know who is watching you or making a note of your online behavior. The best passwords are those which have almost no relation at all to one’s persona. Something like a favorite adjective or a numerical code is relatively safe. To make it even safer, you can certainly use a combination of both.

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Be creative in thinking of a password. You can think of interchangeable characters that would make sense to human beings, but not to bots. Replace your letter ‘E’ with the number ‘3’, your letter ‘I’ with an exclamation point, or your letter ‘S’ with the dollar sign. These are only a few ways, but there are many other methods for you to come up with a less predictable password.

Also, it helps if your system has a trusted and proven web security threat solution that comes along with responsible password creation.

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