Some facts about the recent Wannacry ransomware

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Just this April, one of the biggest security breaches ever recorded made its presence felt in economic proportions, making life difficult for most of cyberspace. A malicious presence on the Internet, aptly named Wannacry, left many organizations in tears. Here are some facts about it.

Estimated numbers have indicated that at least 200,000 computers that run on Windows have been infected in Europe. When China pitched in its report, the number added a significant 40,000 more.

The ransomware affected Windows computers because of certain vulnerabilities of the operating system. Obviously, the perpetrators did their homework. What is even more amazing is the fact that they made use of a technology created by no less than the NSA, which was leaked by hackers previously.

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Ransomware acts like a worm virus, in that it spreads from one computer to another in a network. This is how the virus was able to compromise a huge number of computers. It was quite effective in taking information hostage.

Upon successful penetration, the virus abducts the data stored in the computer, which it uses to ask for a fee so that the information can be salvaged by the user. The price is $300 worth of bit coins.

The virus was averted by accident, but the experts also say that another impending attack is expected.

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