Web security: The profile of a typical prey

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Web security threats have various ways of ruining a company. Today, surviving business entails proper management of information. Unfortunately, malicious elements on the internet are always on the lookout for potential prey companies.

Web security threats exist only to harass huge organizations. Typically, a strong company which has successfully established itself is one that earns a lot of money. The fact that it sustains itself means that it has a strong footing in terms of the revenue it generates. When an online threat has the capability to take information hostage, it may as well milk the money off companies that can pay.

Another prey trait on the radar of such threats is a huge number of employees. The more employees a company has, the more gateways are opened when they access information on the internet using company’s resources. These are small cracks that serve as entry points for malicious internet threats.

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Finally, online threats have a special preference for information-heavy companies. If a company has a lot of servers housed in various places, chances are, online threats are already keeping tabs on them.

These threats are real, and they are terribly unforgiving when it comes to any opportunity that can be exploited to compromise information. They simply work to do one thing alone, and that is to make life difficult for many vulnerable organizations and get peoples’ money.

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