Amazing and costly: The greatest hacks of all time

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It’s been over three decades since the dawn of the internet. Since then, a virtual world has been created that in its complexity, rivals that of reality. In this other universe, there is life, there are structures, and rules to follow. But like in all dimensions, laws can be circumvented and broken. Hackers are all over the internet, entering restricted websites without permission. Here are two of the greatest hacks of all time.

Stuxnet and the Iran Nuclear Program

Stuxnet is a self-replicating computer virus known as a worm, which crippled Iran’s nuclear plans in 2009. The devastating malware laid waste to 20 percent of all of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. Stuxnet was so amazingly done that it was a massive worm that hid itself until Iran’s IT experts found it too late.

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DDoS and Estonia’s cyberwar

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a beast to deal with. Website servers are flooded with traffic, and services are rendered unavailable due to the volume. The biggest DDoS attack happened in 2007 in Estonia. The entire country’s IT infrastructure plunged into chaos as websites, outlets, schools, and businesses were all affected. But the catastrophic blow came when the banking infrastructure took the full force of the incoming data.

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