Cybersecurity threats businesses should be aware of

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In the recent years, crimes against businesses online have increased ten fold. Cyberattacks have been targeting businesses of all sizes with a focus on gaining access to their sensitive client information. While businesses are finding better ways to create a safer web environment, here are some types of cybersecurity threats companies should watch out for:

SQL injection: This occurs when malicious code is executed opening up a chance for hackers to obtain confidential data stored in a server.

Data leakage on cloud-sharing platforms: This kind of hack occurs with cloud-sharing sites. Once a hacker gets into a firm’s account, they can obtain sensitive data uploaded and shared by employees.

Malware infection on mobile devices: As mobile devices have become a necessity for day-to-day dealings, hackers have found a way to infect a gadget with malware that allows them to steal personal information.

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These three threats and more are endangering businesses, employees, and unknowing consumers every day. It is not enough for a company to use simple software to secure their websites. Companies such as SiteLock offer a wide range of website security services, including compliance for companies in the e-commerce, financial services, legal, and web design and development industries. For example, SiteLock website scanning quickly identifies malware and other vulnerabilities almost immediately , automatically removes malware, and offers quick-responding customer support.

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